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Dental Examination

Reasons Why You Should Visit a Private Dentist for an Oral Health Assessment

Going to a private dentist practice may seem like an expensive alternative to visiting regular NHS clinics, however, there are many reasons why you should visit a private dentist for your dental care.

Along with cosmetic dentistry, you can also choose to go to a private dental practice for all of your routine treatments and check-ups. But before you think about what treatments your teeth may need, you will need to be assessed. Oral Health Assessments are for new patients to help the dentist determine the state of your teeth and how to treat them. It can also be used as a review at intervals of 12 months.

It is important for you to attend dental assessments because your teeth need a regular check-up and hygiene inspection. Failing to go for regular oral assessments can run a bigger risk in your teeth developing decay, mouth ulcers, bad breath, and gum disease which may result in tooth loss.

Three Reasons to Visit a Private Dentist

  1. Flexible Appointment Times

Often times, people find it hard to make an appointment within the typical nine to five basis and it can be difficult to find a slot out of school or work times. Unlike government funded medical services, private dental clinics have more flexible working hours and it is easier to find an appointment time that suits you. Along with this, you are more likely to find an appointment time as soon as possible rather than having to be put on a waiting list.

  1. Longer Appointments

Private dentists generally have fewer patients to see in a day than a public service clinic does. This means you can have longer appointments and more time to discuss your concerns which will result in better care. Visiting a private dentist won’t leave you feeling rushed due to the strict and busy time frame of a public clinic. Usually, typical clinics allow a time of 10 minutes over the appointment time if you are late; however private clinics are more forgiving when it comes to tardiness.

  1. Tailored Dental Plan

A dental plan is essential to the care of your mouth. Depending on the severity of each individual case, your budget and timetable a private dentist will create a plan suited to you. It also gives the patient a better insight into the condition of their teeth and the process of the treatments involved. It also allows the dentist to give professional preventative advice and time to talk to you about what you want for your teeth. Having a tailored dental plan also ensures that you are given the best care and the most effective treatment, which will benefit you in the long run.

In conclusion, going to a private dental clinic for a dental examination allows the dentist to thoroughly assess the state of your teeth and come up with a detailed oral plan. Once you go for the initial dental assessment visit, you will want to go to a private dental clinic for all your dental treatments.